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Welcome to world class fly fishing in one of Swedish Laplands most beautiful river basins; Kaitum River. During a week in Tjuonajokk you can catch trophy size grayling and good size trout, char, pike and perch. In the early season the sun never sets, so beware of the idea of: "Lets fish until it gets dark"... Sometimes guests literally fish until they drop...

Fly fishing season is in the summer. Approx June through August. During the winter Tjuonajkk is open in March and April.


Grayling (Thymallus thymallus)
The grayling fishery of a lifetime according to our guests. And us. The grayling rises from late June until mid September. The Lady of the stream,grayling, is abundant all around camp Tjuonajokk. Even though it has only a few months to really grow, the Kaitum river grayling is amongst the biggest in Scandinavia. Kaitum river produces extreme amounts of insects, this provides our guests with specimens touching 60 cm in length and and an unreal average lenghth.

Trout (Salmo trutta)
The Tjuonajokk trout is highly feisty. Broken leaders and spooled anglers are not unusual, Tjuona record for trout is 5,6 kg. The best time for targeting large trout is in the early season, late June and early July when the waterflow from surrounding creeks is high. 

Char (Salvelinus alpinus)
The Kaitum Char is not so easy to find but with the right timing and assistance you might have a wonderful char fishery. Mainly we find it in surrounding lakes by helicopter fly out and guide assistance, but at some points we encounter it in the river. The char is very picky and known for being hard to understand. Presentation is often key for these enchanting, colorful fish. 

Pike (Esox Lucius) 
Tjuonajokk offers surprisingly good possibilities for flyfishing for Northern pike. Pike above 10 kg is not too uncommon here. The Tjuona record is is 18,2 kgs. Pike is also abundant in some of the neighbouring lakes, we have boats placed there to assist you in your crocodile search.


Fishing rules
Wading boots with studs is not allowed in Tjuonajokk. Use single hooks, barbless, 1 fish per person and day can be killed in the window 35-45cm for grayling and trout. Pike in the window 45-70 cm. You need a fishing license of course.

Sustainable fishing
FishYourDream encourages catch and release, so future generations can enjoy nature and the noble art of fly fishing.

Our fishing guides.
The guides are highly experienced in the Kaitum River fishery. We also have one employed IFFF CCI Flyfishing/casting instructor; Robert Hansson.