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Tjuonajokk: Wilderness Cabin

In our classic Tjuonajokk "wilderness cabins" you stay simple but comfortable. You have the possibility to cook your own food. Comes as fourbed, sixbed and (one) twelvebed for the larger group. We always sell accommodation with helicopter transfer included.
Tjuonajokk: Double Room cabin

We have renovated a few of the cabins into what we call "double rooms." We made them brighter, put new floors, added hotel beds for the ones that desire more comfort. No cooking facility here, so our restaurant would be the obvious choice here.
Guiding in Tjuonajokk

A guiding in Tjuonajokk gives you lots of good stuff. Total mobility and flexibility since the guide drives you trough all the rapids and helps you with everything from casting technique, to fly choices and cooking.
Tjuonajokk: Lapland Pike

Go green and catch the big ones. The Tjuonajokk pikes are packages of pure fury. Test your limits, workout recommended.
Tjuonajokk Dream Pack

The full monty. Book this package and everything is covered. Gourmet style food and the extra mile.
Tjuonajokk: Lyan

Lyan - A bit more exclusive. Moore space, nice beds but not less wilderness!