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Gotlands coastal silver... Tranquillity, adrenaline, adventure and scenery

On the pristine Gotland banks you fish undisturbed with more than 800 km of shoreline at your hands. All our fishing guides have many years of experience from fishing our waters and will do everything to satisfy your needs. If you are a novice, an experienced angler or participating in a conference or event. 

With an experienced fishing guide from FishYourDream.com you maximize your chances of catching this sought for gamefish. Fishing is done by wading in shallow waters with fly or spinning rod. Guides specialized in the different methods is matched with your needs. The average weight of the Gotland sea trout is about 5 lbs but specimens around 18 lbs is caught every year. The fish is reproducing in the local streams so you are targeting "wild" fish. 

Eco perspective

We recommend catch and release, or harvesting no more than one trout per person and day. All pike caught in salt water should be released. If you like we can arrange seminares about ecology and the conservation of our species of fish. Or let us help you explore a stream where the trout spawns, and find fish in water so shallow it barely covers the fish…FishYourDream.com has initiated a research project (tag and release) where our guests have played a significant role. We are collecting data about the Gotland pike and trout population via tags and DNA samples. 

The season

The trout season is more or less October through May with two distinct peaks:
late october to early december and the second half of march until mid May. The fishing is generally good through the whole winter but fishing in these months requires more of the angler in terms of low temperatures, even though Gotland has a more mild climate than the rest of Sweden. Also in august/september you can have a really good fishing for trout coming to the coast to spawn, (brown color) but normally the bite gets steadier (and more silver colored fish) when the temperatures drops a bit. 

From October 1:st to December 31:st, fishing in areas with spawning streams is prohibited. Minimum size for trout is 50cm. Remember fishing pike and perch is prohibited along the Gotland coastline between march 1:st and may 31:st.

The gear


A suitable fly fishing equipment is a single hand fly rod 9” class seven or eight, with slow intermediate, intermediate or floating fly line. Traditional coast style spinning gear is with a rather soft 9-10 foot rod and a spinning reel with braided line (0,13-0,18) covers most situations. Other gear you will need is Neoprene type waders or breathing ones (Gore-Tex) with something warm underneath, plus wader jacket or rain jacket on top. If you lack any of this stuff you can of course rent it from us.


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