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How do I pay?

To confirm a booking made more than 30 days before the fishing dates, we require a deposit of SEK 700 per person or 20% of the total charter rate. The remaining amount is to be paid no less than 30 days before the fishing dates. Payments through invoice with IBAN-number. Payment can be done in EUR, USD or SEK. 

Is wading dangerous?

No, if you take advice from the guides and don’t push your limits its rather safe. Also, we can adjust the fishing areas to the capacities of the clients. Generally our flats are very easy to wade. 

What is required from me physically to fish with you?

To wade an entire day can be tireing and you will become aware of muscles you did not know that you had. We will adjust the fishing areas to match the weather and the waves but also to the capacities of the clients. There are good fishing spots that allows you to go by car all the way to the shore and fish without wading one step. There is a spot for everyone.

I am not a die hard angler, can I still join?

Yes, we will give you what you need at your level of experience.

Is there a “catch guarantee”?

No. We are in the fishing business.

I want to share a guide but have no one to go with!

Look for our join-in-guiding on this webpage.

Is there anything to do for non fishermen?

Plenty. Golf, spa, swimming (in the summer), shopping, restaurants, cultural events, and a world heritage town…
Visit www.gotland.info/eng/index.htm

Am I insured when I fish with you?

FishYourDream.com has a Swedish Travellers Guarantee meaning that your investment is insured if for example our company should become bankrupt. In such a case you will get your money back. Other than that we advice you to check your own insurances.

Can children come along?

Depending on their age and their prior experience. Smaller children might find it difficult to wade, but ask us and we will find an activity for them too!

Who are the guides?

All of our guides have many years of fishing experience from our waters. Many of them are certified ECO-guides. They all speak english.