Ammarnäs » The fishing in Ammarnäs

Ammarnäs is a small village where the road starts. Rivers Tjulån and Vindelälven meet here. Vindelälven is one of Sweden´s few for hydropower not regulated rivers which makes it a pristine fishing paradise. Here, you find the famous big Ammarnäs trout, regarded as quite different from other swedish trouts genetically. Apart from Vindelälven, countless lakes and creeks offer you to target trout, char and grayling, both close to the lodge and up in the mountains. Here you can get more info about the different licenses.

You reach the different waters by car, by foot or by helicopter. If you book a guiding with us we provide you with car transport, so if you like you are all fine without your car. The thing with Ammarnäs is variety and that you can choose from very accessible to highly remote... Go Fish Your Dream.