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Guided Fishing

Our most complete guiding. Ammarnäs has countless numbers of waters and possibilities. A guide gets you to the action right away.
FlyOut Laivva -Exclusive water

Ammarnäs: An exclusive water that you can only book with FishYourDream.This wonderful mountain stream is offered in cooperation with Rans Sami community. Flyfishing for trout in an untouched, intimate and secret stream, including helicopter, tent accommodation with guide and all meals.
FlyOut Ältsån -Exclusive water

Ammarnäs: An exclusive water that can only be booked through FishYourDream. This is only possiible through a joint venture with the Sami community of Ran. Ältsån is offered in a packaged form, including guide, food, helicopter and accommodation.
FlyOut Mankeforsen -Exclusive water

Ammarnäs: Exclusive water that can only be experienced with FishYourDream. Flyfishing for large trout in the upper parts of Vindelälven. A package with helicopter, guide, accommodation and meals.
Ammarnäs: Fishing Weekend

So much to do, but so little time. Here is all you need for a great fishing break in Ammarnäs. Accommodation with breakfast and fishing guide. From SEK 2960:-