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Where is Ammarnäs and how do I get there?
Ammarnäs is located in the region of Västerbotten in Swedis Lapland. The closest town is Sorsele.

By car you take road 363 until it stops. On arriving at Ammarnäs and having crossed the stream Tjulån you have the bus stop on your right. Turn left and then directly right, up the hill, and you will arrive at our place after a couple of hundred metres. There are signs along the road.

Fly from Stockholm Arland Airport (ARN) to Storuman or Arvidsjaur. We can arrange car transfers from Arvidsjaur.

Public transportation: You can take a train from Stockholm to Vännäs and grab a bus to Ammarnäs.

Fishing licenses at the lodge?
Yes, you can find licenses at our shop.


Helicopter flyouts?
We arrange daytrip flyouts or with multiple nights in the field. The helicopter flight is a big adventure for most people. Follow the instructions given by pilot and FishYourDream crew. Disembark from the helicopter and move straight ahead or sideways.Never backwards. The crew will handle your luggage. 

Fishing rules?
FishYourDream would like to incourage catch and release to ensure that coming generations get the possibility to enjoy this wonderful sport. Read more about rules and regulations here.


Difficult to wade?
There is both easy and difficult areas. During guiding we we will adjust location to your skill and wishes. You can also buy a wading staff in our shop.


Is it possible to book a guide on the spot?
Yes. But if you book in advance you are certain to have your desired date.


The restaurant?
The restaurant is open every day during summer. In the winter time we are open for lunch and a la carte certain periods. We try to use all local produce in our dishes. Läs mer här


Environmental work is important for us. We ask you to separate the different fractions when you dispose your garbage. We always try to do all the conservational work we can and we are certified with quality label Natures Best.

Rental equipment?
You can rent fishing gear including waders and more in our shop.