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A flyfisherman´s dream. Ammarnäs is the gate to Vindelfjällen with marvelous fishing and one of Europe´s largest protected natural areas. You fish, stay, eat and enjoy life with us.

Ammarnäs is a small village where the road starts. Rivers Tjulån and Vindelälven meet here. Vindelälven is one of Sweden´s few for hydropower not regulated rivers which makes it a pristine fishing paradise. Here, you find the famous big Ammarnäs trout, regarded as quite different from other Swedish trouts genetically. Apart from Vindelälven, countless lakes and creeks offer you to target trout, char and grayling, both close to the lodge and up in the mountains.

In Ammarnäs there is lot´s of other stuff to do such as bird watching, trekking and riding.

Our restaurant offers a´ la carte dinners with a clear focus on locally produced ingredients. Moose, reindeer, grouse, but also vegetarian dishes with an Ammarnäs and Lapland touch. If you are just passing by, please visit our shop where you can buy gear, licenses or a guiding. Make sure you explore our "Adventure Fishing", helicopter fly outs to exclusive waters in the mountains, in cooperation with the local Sami communities. Fish waters that are hardly fished at all with us. Or why not get a stretch of Vindelälven to yourself for a few days combined with accommodation in our best cabin.

Ammarnäs differs from our other Lapland destination, Tjuonajokk mainly because you can reach Ammarnäs by car, and you stay closer to civilization. Even though the Ammarnäs region is regarded as one of Sweden´s least populated areas.

We love fishing. Share it with us in Ammarnäs.