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We are not perfect. But we try to look at our business as an opportunity to influence, a stronger voice than the individuals. Doing our stuff sustainable is a way of knowing that we are producing a product that more people will appreciate. We are certified with Swedish quality brand Nature´s Best, and stick to it´s guidlines; respecting the limitations of the destination - as little impact on the environment as possible, benefit local business, and activiely contribute to conservation and education. You protect what you love, you love what you know.
And of course: Quality and safey during your trip. FishYourDream received the Swedish tourism industrys grand prize, Grand Travel Awards: Best Swedish Eco Tourism Company 2013.


  • Many years of conservation of Gotland Seatrout population, through for example tagging projects and lobbying for better official Baltic Sea fishing rules.
  • Educational parts in our meeting with our guests
  • Cooperation with authorities, universities and NGO´s on reasearch projects on both Gotland and in Tjuonajokk
  • Catch and Release policy
  • Solar energy project, all Tjuonajokk houses use solar cells
  • Tjuonajokk dinnersystem, one set course, we hardly throw any food away from our kitchen.
  • Youth project Tjuonajokk Falcons to involve our children in conservation and sustainability.